Hashtags on websites

Hashtags on websites

Not too long ago, the hashtag symbol (#) was simply known the pound sign.  However, in recent years, the hashtag symbol has become one of hte most popular symbols in our digital lives!  Whether you are a hashtag marketing pro or someone who has never used a hashtag in your life, you surely have seen them used on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Whether you are a digital marketing wizard or a small business owner with a popular Facebook page, you should be interested in what hashtag marketing can do for you.

Indeed, hashtags, when they are part of a well-planned social media marketing strategy, can have an enormous impact on your business!  With that; everyone should master the use of hashtags, and what better place to learn about hashtag marketing than from the Hashtag Space, a platform offering hashtag domain name registry, a one-stop decentralized social media marketing hub, and much more!  Learn more about us by clicking here, or continue to read to learn about hashtag usage.

Why Should I Use Hashtags?

Hashtags help to categorize your social media content.  More than categorizing your social content by topic, hashtags can help you extend the reach of your content far beyond your normal audience.  Effectively, hashtag marketing is SEO for social media.  With a good hashtag campaign, people who are already looking for content similar to yours will find your content more often because your social media content will have been optimized for those search terms with hashtag phrases.  

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

There’s no rule regarding how many hashtags you use.  Therefore, you are not restricted to only using, one, two, or three hashtags for your content.  Ideally, the number of hashtags you use should be based on the platform that you are using and the number of topics that you are serious about posting content for.  While there is no minimum, you similarly wouldn’t want to render your hashtags frivolous by using too many of them.  As with anything else; hashtags can be overdone and have a counterproductive effect.

How to Choose the Right Hashtag?

Remember, choosing the right hashtag is always more important than the number of hashtags you choose.  When selecting your hashtags, you should be using keywords (words and phrases) closely related to the topics you are posting about, being sure that the keywords/hashtags that you use are words and phrases that users on the platform are actively searching for.

To get started creating your own hashtags, create a list of buzzwords surrounding your product, service, industry, etc.  Next, research each to see if any of your newly found hashtag ideas are actively being used.  If not, you are just wasting real estate in the hashtag domain.  

When’s the Right Time to Use Hashtags?

Unfortunately, as with other aspects of hashtag-using, there is no definitive guide to when to use your hashtags.  Therefore, good judgment and sound reasoning are needed.  To keep it simple; it is best policy to use hashtags when doing so will increase your audience reach of your social media posts.  Your hashtags should be neatly organized and never cluttered, or you will defeat your own purpose!  Additionally, keep in mind that good hashtag usage effectively archives or catalogs your content, making it easy for people to find it when they search for it.

Do Hashtags Still Work?

According to the stats, an Instagram post that contains at least one hashtag receives almost 13% more engagement than posts without hashtags.  Put simply; yes.  Hashtags still work.  But, like every other marketing or money-making scheme in the online realm, hashtag marketing becomes more difficult over time, but not nearly impossible!  This increase in difficulty is simply due to the fact that more and more people are using hashtags, which has two effects:

  1. Some social media users become insensitive to hashtags, as they are effectively over-hashtagged!
  2. Hashtag marketers have more to compete with, which means that hashtag marketers need to try new and creative ways to make their hashtag campaigns successful.

How do You Use Hashtags Effectively?

While there is no rulebook regarding the usage of hashtags on social media, a few good practices will surely pay off over time:

  1. Be conscious of the proper hashtag etiquette on each specific social network that you engage your audience on.
  2. Only use hashtags that are fitting for your brand and identity.
  3. Promote your products, services, business, brand, etc. with your hashtags.
  4. Make sure your hashtags are easy to remember and catchy.
  5. Capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtag to make it pop out and easy to read.
  6. Use hashtags in Twitter chats.

Hashtags on websites



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